Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Love Triangle Thing (Rant Alert!)

Love Triangles. Where to start? Well, I guess the best thing would be to start by saying that I really, really don't like them. But a lot of readers do or I guess the whole love triangle theme wouldn't be so prominent in romance novels. And that's totally okay. Everyone should be able to read what he/she wants to read.
But that's just the thing - I don't want to read about them and lately I get the feeling that they are getting to be the norm, especially in the Young Adult section. Every other book I pick up seems to involve a love triangle and it's really starting to get on my nerves. But the thing that really bothers me is that in a lot of cases there's not even a warning in the synopsis of the book. If authors and publishers (I guess this is mostly the publishers fault, since authors don't really have a say in it) want to release books with love triangles they should at least have the courtesy to warn readers like me so I can avoid those particular books. Being taken by suprise by a love triangle (although that happens less and less, since I'm starting to expect them everywhere) is a terrible feeling that, for the most part, ruins the whole book for me.

Here's my problem with love triangles. I like to read positive and happy love stories. I like to read about a woman and a man (a boy and a girl) getting to know, TRUST and love each other. Call me naive, but I want to read about true love and Happily-Ever-Afters. What I absolutely don't want to read about is cheating, deception and heartbreak. And for me love triangles are a form of cheating (and there's always lying and heartbreak). Sometimes it's actual cheating, sometimes it's just in the head or the pre-phase of it. But a person that is in love with/considers both love interest at the same time is a person I can't trust as a reader and that's an awful feeling.
I like to feel a connection to the characters I read about and I just can't understand "fickleness" like that. It makes me angry and wary. Maybe it's because I know that I would feel absolutely horrible if I were on the receiving end of an unsure relationship like that, but whatever origin my aversion has, it's there.

So the thing I want to know from you is, do you like to read about love triangles? If you do, could you name a few reasons for it and try to explain their appeal? If you don't, what are the things that bother you about love triangles?
I would really like to try to understand the pro side as well, so if you have some input, please, share!


  1. I'm with you, I prefer books without love triangles. If there is a love triangle is has to be solved in the first chapters. And like you I want to know before buying a book if there will be a love triangle or not. I get angry when I read a book and then all of a sudden a love triangle pops up.

    1. It's an annoying feeling, isn't it? I'm all for suprises and unexpected plot twists in the books I read, but when it comes to love triangles that's just not the case. It's either going into the book prepared for one or avoiding it altogether.

  2. Here I was doing a search for romances with no cheating or love triangles, and I come across this blog post. Let me say, I absolutely can't stand love triangles, or cheating. Annoys the snot out of me. Every single day in real life I see people doing this to each other, it's ingrained in our society. Like you said, it's the norm in Romance fiction (I don't read YA so much). I'm like you, I like being able to trust the characters, feel connected to them, believe the love they feel for each other is genuine.

    What's sad is there is no warning whatsoever. Even more sad, it's gotten to the point that it's a breaker for me. Could be mildly enjoying the read and then bam! Well now, it puts the protagonist in a completely new light once it comes out, and I'm no longer interested.

    I can't count how many books I've quit because of this. *sigh* I need a stress ball.

    1. Sorry, for replying so late, but I've been absent from this blog for quite some time now.

      I totally agree with you. Trusting a character is extremely important for me. And how could I believe in them and the pair's happy ever after if one of them isn't even 'sure of his/her feelings' at the beginning of their relationship. What happens after years of being together? Just thinking about it makes me mad/annoyed...

      I'd be so grateful for Love Triangle warnings on romance books. That would be just the thing for me! :]