Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's kind of scary...

I never planned to do a post about covers on this blog, but I stumbled over something and I just have to share. Btw, if you're interested in cover-themed post, Sabrina from "About Happy Books" is doing a lot of great posts in German, comparing and discussing original and German covers on her second blog "Bücher - lost in translation". You might want to check them out!

On to my discovery. I guess most of you know the great, historical Hathaway series by Lisa Kleypas (if you don't, go and check it out, right now!) so I won't go into more detail. But let me just tell you, it's a wonderful and humorous series about an unconventional and loveable family. "Married by Morning" is the fourth book and my personal highlight of the series. I like both versions of the cover, the US, as well as the UK version.

I think the US version (left) might not be special, but it's charming and the light and cheerful colors suit the storyline of the book. I simply love the UK version. It's beautiful and fits the time of the story. In my opinion the publishers did a decent job and created appealing covers for a lovely book.

Then there's the disastrous German cover. I think it's best if you just take a look yourself.

Seriously? I was truly speechless when I first saw this. I don't know what the German publisher has been thinking. Covers like that are the reason people are still making fun of romance books. Even if I ignore the lacking design, there's still the fact that it doesn't fit to the story in the least. The cover is gloomy, dark and the couple looks like it's in pain (especially the woman).
I would never EVER think of buying a book like that. And that would have been a shame because "Married By Morning" is one of my all time favorite historical romances. I'm happy that I decided long ago to only read the original versions or I would have missed out on a great reading experience.

So what do you think of the covers? Especially the German version?

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