Sunday, August 12, 2012

What makes "Angels Fall" by Nora Roberts so special

I recently reread "Angels Fall" by Nora Roberts for what feels like the tenth time and although I always loved this book, this time it felt even more special. I can't really say what it was, but it got me thinking. What makes this book so special? Why does it stand out from all the other great Nora Roberts books for me?
I think I found the answer. There are a few factors playing in:
The perfect balance between the suspense and the charming and sexy love story. It's the way Roberts portrays the little Town of "Angel's Fist" with all its eccentric, but likable characters. But, for me it are the great conversations between two of the most compelling main characters I've ever read about.
Brody, a bit of a loner, sarcastic, but with a truly good heart and Reece, neurotic and plaqued by a horrible event from her past, but willing to fight on and find the beauty in life again. It were their "discussions" and conversations that made me grin or even laugh out loud while reading a story that was propelled forward by the suspense part surrounding a perfidious murder. Those moments of humor balanced the scale and made this a wonderful reading experience.
Here are some of those amazing and funny scenes (if you haven't read the book and don't like spoilers you might want to skip the rest of this post):
"I don't sleep with every man I'm attracted to."
Now he leaned on the open car door. "According to you, you haven't slept with anybody in two years."
"That's right. If you think you're going to take advantage of my... dry spell-"
"Bet your skinny ass I am." And he grinned as he slid into the car.
She marched her skinny ass to the passenger door and huffed her way inside. "This is a ridiculous conversation."

"So shut up."
from "Angels Fall" by Nora Roberts, p. 138
"Being a little crazy is just human," Brody commented as he helped himself to a cookie.
"I'd be human then. And look," Reece began, "I appreciate you trying to put me at ease. I do, and you have. But I know I'm a simmering stew of neuroses with chunky bits of phobia, seasoned heavily with paranoia."
"It's good to know yourself." Brody bit into the cookie. "Most people don't know they're nuts, which is annoying to the rest of us."
from "Angels Fall" by Nora Roberts, p. 187
"I've gained three pounds."
"Three whole pounds. Where'd I put that confetti?"
"It's because I'm doing more cooking. Not just at Joanie's, but here. Like this."
"Whatever I can do."
"I'm having sex on a regular basis."
"I repeat, whatever I can do."
"I had my hair cut and styled."
"So noted."
She cocked her head. If she had to pull teeth, she'd get out the pliers. "Well, do you like it or not?"
"It's okay."
"Oh, please stop." She waved a hand. "Must you be so effusive with your compliments?"
"I'm an effusive kind of guy."
from "Angels Fall" by Nora Roberts, p. 250

Just rereading those scenes and writing them down makes me grin again. I just love those two, especially the effusive Brody ;)

So, what do you think? Did you read "Angels Fall"? Did you like it? If you did, what made it so speacial for you? Or do you know any other books that have a great deal of entertaining and awesome conversations?


  1. Hmmm...I haven't read that one yet but I am sure I have the German copy of you possibly know the German title?? :)

    But now I think I have to read it. :P

    Happy Sunday!

    1. The German title is "Verschlungene Wege" and yeah, I relly think you should read it ;]

      You too!

    2. I am more than sure that I one that one... I have to look that up now. ;)


  2. I LOVE this book. Like you said, the balance between the suspense and the romance is perfect and the main characters are fantastic. I think I need to reread the book soon.

    Btw, can you give me a link to the version you used in your post? It's the perfect cover for the story.

    1. It's one of my favorite Nora Roberts books as well! :]

      This is the link:
      It looks like it's the Australian version of the book, although I haven't found a place where you can buy this particular version. I've been looking myself since I really think it suits the story and the way I picture Angel's Fist in my head.

    2. Look, I find it on book depository -

    3. Great! Looks like I might have to buy this book a second time :]