Thursday, August 16, 2012

Quote of the Week #2

For this week's "Quote of the Week" I chose an a bit more humorous conversation than last week. I just finished "Match Me If You Can" by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (book #6 in the "Chicago Stars" series) and I have to say, I enjoyed it.
If you don't know the book, it's about Annabelle, who is new to the business of matchmaking so she figures landing a client like Heath Champion, one of the most successful sports agents, would be a good opportunity to create some much-needed publicity for her business. Only problem(s), Heath is a bit scary and all kinds of demanding. To top it all off she's competing with a renowned matchmaking-business, owned by glamorous Portia Powers.
What I liked most about this book were the conversations between Heath and Annabelle BEFORE they became lovers. This is one of those entertaining "conversations":

"Portia Powers can baby sit her own introductions. I'm not doing it."
"Yet only six days ago, you were in my office on your knees telling me you'd do anything to land me as a client."
"I was young and stupid."
 from "Match Me If You Can" by Susan Elizabeth Phillips


  1. I love this book and I love the quote. Susan Elizabeth Phillips is one of my favorite authors ever!! :)

    1. I read "This Heart Of Mine" and "It Had To Be You" and I have to say I actually had quite some problems with them. But then Sabrina recommended "Match Me If You Can" and "Natural Born Charmer" to me and I decided to give Phillips's books another chance. And I was suprised how much fun I had reading this book, so next will be "Natural...". I hope I'll enjoy it as well! :]